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Hi, I'm Wendy!

I want to help you use mindfulness, meditation, and self-care to create the calm and happy life you crave. 

I’ve been a single mom for 17 years, since my divorce in late 2003. I’ve spent years using mindfulness and meditation, along with a few other tools, to make peace with my past and create a harmonious future – all while being present in this moment with my children, my friends, my family, and my career.

I want to help other single moms create the life they really want using mindfulness and meditation. Let me help you heal, move forward, and find what you’re looking for – including and going beyond romantic love.

I live in Florida with my two sons, where I homeschool while solo parenting, all while surrounded by what feels like a zooful of animals.


I can offer you knowledge and practical tools to use mindfulness, meditation, and self-care in your daily life without feeling like it’s a chore. 

I can offer you the peace and serenity that comes with taking care of yourself and making decisions from a place of groundedness and clarity. 

I can offer you the chance to make your life as calm and happy, allowing you to do, have, and be the things you want. 


6 quick & fun facts about me


i have multiple coaching certifications

They include meditation coaching, yoga coaching (NOT the same as a yoga teacher), and happiness coaching, among others.


I love (like, really love) tzatziki sauce

You know that cucumber yogurt sauce that comes on gyros? I’ve been known to eat it with a spoon!


I was a bit dramatic in high school

I took drama classes and was a member of the Drama Club all through high school. But to this day, I still have intense stage fright.


I'm a published author

I’ve published three novels and a volume of poetry. (If you want to check them out, they’re here.)


I had my first broken bone as an adult

I was 30 when I broke my ankle. And then it ended up being two bones, requiring surgery and two screws to repair. (How’d I break it? It involved my dog, a running water hose, and a late night bath!)


I have three tattoos

Each one has a special meaning for me. The one on my forearm is three words, “Return to yourself.” It’s a reminder that no matter what happens, no matter who hurts you, or how bad things get, you can always come back to yourself to feel safe, whole, and loved.

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