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I am here to act as your guide as you rebuild your connection with yourself, find your passion and purpose, regain confidence, and learn who you are in the aftermath of divorce and becoming a single mom. You are the one in charge, the one with the power to change your life. I’m just here to help you do it. 

And I do that with meditation, art practices, journaling, mudras, mantras, safe & simple yoga poses, and other practices to help you be more mindful while also focusing on the future and creating the calm and happy life you dream of.  

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This program is for the mom who wants or needs to bring more mindfulness, meditation, & self-care into your life. You need accountability to help you make them a habit. You’ve got some experience with them but could use some refreshers and maybe some guidance in figuring out what it all looks like for you. 

This 4-week program is $250. 


This program is for the mom who love the ideas of mindfulness, meditation, and self-care. When you hear the words, it just makes you feel all warm and relaxed. But you’re not sure how the concepts fit into your life and could use a little help coming up with a plan. You’d like someone to help you explore the concepts, find what works best for you, and create a plan that you can actually implement in your daily life. 

This 8-week package is $750.


This program is for the mom who hears the words mindfulness, meditation,& self-care and immediately feels like she’s starving for those things. You have little to no real experience with any of these things, but you just know that you need them in your life. You have no idea how to fit them in. You want someone who can introduce you to the concepts, help you understand what they are and how they can fit into your life, and then help you create an effective plan that will really fit into your life. 

This 3-month program is $1,200.

Other Ways I can help you:

You can check out my YouTube channel for free meditation & coaching videos.

You can also find me on Insight Timer if you just want meditation audios. 

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