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I am here to act as your guide as you rebuild your connection with yourself, find your passion and purpose, regain confidence, and learn who you are in the aftermath of divorce and becoming a single mom. You are the one in charge, the one with the power to change your life. I’m just here to help you do it. 

And I do that with meditation, art practices, journaling, mudras, mantras, safe & simple yoga poses, and other practices to help you be more mindful while also focusing on the future and creating the calm and happy life you dream of.  

Ready to learn more? Then read on for more information about what I offer!

Choose a Program for You


The program includes a 3-week online course with video trainings, 3 1:1 sessions with me, a private Facebook group, and a 10-day guided meditation challenge. You will learn how to:

  • Make meditation a daily practice
  • Set the stage for more mindful living
  • Commit to and stick with it
  • Get the basics down (sit comfortably, focus on your breath, open your eyes when you’re done)

This 3-week program is $250. 

(There is currently a wait list for this program while it undergoes some redesigning.)


This is an 8-week program that includes 10 audio guided meditation sessions, a 5-day eCourse, email support and 1:1 sessions with me, and a private Facebook community. Meditative Mama is for the mom who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and just plain “stuck.”

Within this program, I’ll teach you how to carve out time and space for yourself. I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite mindfulness practices. And, I’ll help you create an action plan to put everything into practice.

This 8-week package is $750.

(There is currently a wait list for this program while it undergoes some redesigning.)


Mindful Mama is a 3-month coaching program for single moms who want to make meditation, mindfulness, and self-care an integral part of their daily lives.

You want to do better. You feel like there’s so much for you to do that you can never get caught up, and all of this pressure makes you feel more stressed than anything else.

And it makes it harder for you to enjoy being with your family.

You need more quiet time. More time to center yourself. More time to relax, put the phone down, and simply be.

In this program you will learn how to:

– Determine what you need in order to practice self care

– Understand the difference between self-care and self-indulgence

– Find ways to relax, have fun, reduce stress, and enjoy more of what you already enjoy doing. It’s not always about adding on new things. Sometimes it can be about subtracting things you don’t enjoy.

This 3-month program is $1,200

(There is currently a wait list for this program while it undergoes some redesigning.)

Other Ways I can help you:

You can check out my YouTube channel for free meditation & coaching videos.

You can also find me on Insight Timer if you just want meditation audios. 

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